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Marriage – A Beautiful Bond

Marriage is a bonding of two persons. In fact, an unbreakable tie between the two families. It not only joins two people but two hearts forever. There are basically two types of marriages- Arranged marriages and love marriages. In Arranged the bride or groom is searched according to some criteria and then their marriage is fixed. In other one, when two people have prior liking for each other and they decide to make their love immortal forever by this beautiful bond.

Everyone needs somebody who can share happiness and sorrows of life. who act as a partner in every aspect of life. Marriage opens a door for lifetime happiness with that partner. All the grey shades of life diminish when you get a life-partner. Your spouse’s family members become your relatives. And you become a part of a bigger family with numerous new relations. Life get a new turn and you get many peoples who cares for you and love you.

Marriage is a lifetime trust for each other. It is a commitment to be with your spouse in all ups and downs of life. It binds the person with blend of love and numerous responsibilities. Duties must be taken as part of married life not as burden. We must share each other task. Must give assist to each other in fulfillment of goal.

Marriage is a beautiful institution of love, faith and life- long companionship. Sadly, these days relationships end up with divorce. The number of divorces have increased from last few years. The changed life-style is one of the prime reason. Most of the couples are employed and they do not have enough time to interact with one another. Difference of views and understanding sometimes starts the fight. People fight for pity things. Instead of resolving the quarrel the people find it easier to get apart.

You must try to put all efforts to make marriage a successful one. A loving and caring temperament will assist a lot in making bond stronger. your first priority should be a happy married life. But, that is possible when both partners want to make all possible efforts.

According to a famous saying, “marriages are made in heaven” but we have to put our potential to make it one of the best on earth. It is a joint effort. And everyone should take steps to make this bond stronger.

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