The threat of bribery and corruption

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Along with other forms of white-collar crime, bribery and corruption pose a serious threat to businesses everywhere in terms of financial and reputational damage. The main disincentives to reporting incidents of bribery and corruption are the absence of consequences for the perpetrators and the lack of protection for reporters.


Coupled with strong anti-corruption programs and ethical guidelines, a modern misconduct reporting solution like Vault can drastically reduce incidents of bribery.

  • Vault hosts links to your policy and training materials directly within the app.

  • Vault Platform’s Resolution Hub helps companies catch problems early without involving external entities.

  • Open Reporting extends the capabilities of Vault Platform to your entire business ecosystem including suppliers and customers.

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Corporate integrity is everyone’s business.

Grow your organization with integrity.

Vault’s Active Integrity solution

Vault Platform’s Active Integrity solution activates everyone in your business ecosystem – including employees, shareholders, and suppliers – to uncover and prevent misconduct through a multichannel approach.

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